Sunday, February 8, 2009

Whole lot of catching up

So I have been very very bad about updating. Largely because my computer was wheezing on it's last legs. Well we were bad and took advantage of the 18 month same as cash deals and I am now the proud owner of a macbook. Now it only takes seconds to upload pics instead of 10 minutes oh happy day :D

So some catching up, size medium soaker shorts

Newborn wool footed longies dyed by Dahara Dreaming as a personal favor to match a cute shirt gifted to me
size newborn cover Jacobs ladder colorway by Mosaic moon I believe sorry if I'm wrong this was knit over 6 months ago lol
soaker sack for easy night time diaper changes, leftovers from Ollies hand dyed by me mitten and hat BFL
Shiah and Ollies mittens. Yarn is BFL wool hand dyed by me. Shiah choose BLUE who knew she would ever choose something other then pink or purple. And Ollie is sticking with his 3rd year of rainbow :D
Matching hats, and sadly yes this was the best picture I could get of them you'd think I was pulling teeth
This was my luxery knit for March baby boy, lovely merino wool and so many tiny cables. I just have to find the perfect buttons
curly purly waist style small longies, knit from the leftovers of Shiah's mitten and hat yarn. She is so excited that the baby gets to use her yarn too
On to Sewing. I have been waiting so so long to sew for MY own baby again. Footed overalls size newborn
Short sleeve, and legged rompers with pants for the colder days size 3 month
Newborn romper Ollie says SSSSSSSSSSS I hope this doesn't scare my brother
More rompers, the skulls match the kids shirts below they are so so excited to match. And I'm willing to take advantage of that well they will let me cause matching kids =cute at least well they are little and it's fun for them
Longsleeve faux double layers shirts for Ollie man, and his coveted wizard fleece hoodie. Boy is he easy to sew for, everything I do is his favorite :)
Skulls to match. The kids will coordinate pants and all some days. These are the first shirts worn after laundry day. Love it and can't wait for the picture with baby boy. Maybe I'll even be able to get Ollies eyes open
11 newborn (6-9lbs) and 7 small (8lbs-15lbs) pocket diapers for the spoiled baby boys butt, this will round of the extensive stash of fitteds, and prefolds I have already.
boring but important, just a start on the billions of wipes I will be sewing from all the flannel scraps I've been saving. And 5 (there is a second blue one that I put on immediately after sewn so comfy) nursing bras. Definitely just house bras but so comfy and needed for the first few weeks of leaks and lounging.
Phew thats it for now. I'm still trying to figure out how to get the Christmas pics from Seth's computer.

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