Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A day with the Dinosaurs

We took a trip to Drumheller and the Royal Tyrell Museum there (hope I spelled those right I've lost the brochure lol). It was a blast!

These pictures show the various views off and from the biggest dinosaur in North America or something like that.

The Hoodoo's are really unique rock formations. I've never seen them anywhere else course that doesn't mean they aren't elsewhere :D I have to look but I have a similar picture of me and my siblings at the Hoodoo's when my parents took me.

The Suspension Bridge, I can remember getting half way out as a kid and my mom having to talk me through walking back I was so freaking scared. NOT MY KIDS lmao they were running and having a blast.
Royal Tyrell Museum

Class the kids took where they got to make a cast of a real fossil that the museum had it was really neat.

More Dino's
Giant Beaver, Ollie thought this was hilarious he wanted to know how big the trees used to be :D

Check out that pout!

We're back

Holy heck is it hot here bleck bleck bleck
Prepare to be overwhelmed with pictures. The kids and I (and Seth for his brief visit) had such a wonderful vacation. So glad to be home though :)

Monday, August 6, 2007

Heading home!

The kids and I are off to Canada for 3 glorious weeks! I can't wait, we leave tomorrow early in the morning and should get to my parents early enough in the afternoon that the kids should get to swim tomorrow.

I've spent 3 days running around in various stages of panic and think that I'm finally as packed as I can get. Now just the worst part the waiting. I'm a lousy traveler its a major stressor for me, thank Goddess for papaya enzymes and the kids to get me distracted and focussed on them.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Can you tell I don't want to pack?!

A couple of curved raglans for Ollie he has shorts already that will match (NOT what he's wearing lol) Otto 2/05. He's being a dinosaur and ROARING at meI couldn't get him to try this on, to busy roaring
A dress for Miss Shiah, Otto 3/07 a combination of design 15 ,and 16 see how well Ollie listened when I asked him to get out of the picture
And together cause they are to darn cute

Isn't this what everyone does when they have to many last minute things to finish before a big trip?!

Some Shirts for me

Pattern is design 5 from the most recent Ottobre womens magazine, not sure why the neckline is wonky on this one. I've done probably 8 of these shirts for me and others without that happening?!This shirt is a lovely rayon/lycra blend that I made to go with my skirt from Full Bloom

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Dino's like Pink Too

I showed the dress before I dyed it but wanted to show it again since I love how it came out.
Otto curved raglan 2/05 modified to be the bodice, attached circle skirt for optimum spining fun, and 4/04 boxers since we all know how modest little girls in dresses are :D
Close up of the print and the most accurate picture of the color I could get