Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Oh Canada

Get ready for a whole bunch of pics :D

Grandpa and Declan in the Office

Grandma and Declan
Kids at the park

Kids in the pool

Grandpa with all the kids
Grandp and Declan
Grandma and Declan
Oh look mom I can help you knit, and why I only finished one project on vacation lol
Cable vest I knit for Declan
Barb and Petes dogs and campsite
Barb with Declan
Grandma Edith with Declan (her zipper was fascinating)
Ollie and Shiah helping Grandpa win the marbles tournament
What McCauleys do when we gather :D
Grandpa and Declan out at the campsite
Kids camping bring on the marshmellows

More family camping
Declan helping grandma play marbles
Grandpa and Declan
Aunty Brenda and Declan (she put him to sleep! )
Arlea and Declan
look more grandma and Declan
Ollie playing soccer with Grandpa
Kids digging with grandpa's new tractor

our yearly visit to my parents in Canada :)