Friday, February 8, 2008

Playing catchup Knitting and sewing

Newborn longies just cause
Work in progress Ollies transformer sweater blocking just have to finish 1 sleeve and seam it
Socks for my mama
Newborn skirtie just to see if I could figure out the pattern
Newborn socks for a customer
small longies for a customer
Mittens for me

Felted bag just cause?!

Yarrn Ball swap SNB that I hosted, was so much fun everyone got assigned a person that they then wrapped up fabulous ball of yarn and goodies to pamper their person

Some dyeing
Autobot pants for Ollie that I had to spend a day on cause he just couldn't leave me alone to wait on his sweater anymore

Custom sewing jobs
busy bag for a toddler

Fancy dress up dresses for sisters

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