Friday, November 23, 2007

Turkey trots and wool hat

Before the turkey feast the kids and I had some race fun. The kids both ran a 300 yard race chasing a person in a giant turkey suit. They were a bit unsure at first so I had to run with them. Next year Shiah says she wants to run by herself. After their race Seth and the kids biked back home well I ran my 5 mile race. It was actually really nice I was pretty certain I would have to walk a decent portion of it since I fell biking in Sept and have been having problems with the knee I tore up. Turns out I ran everything but a small portion of the last mile which was up a long mean hill. No pics off my start there were huge crowds but heres me and the kids running their race.

Seth has been dropping hints for a month or so that it sure would be nice to have a wool hat like Ollie's for when it comes time to shovel all the snow we get :rolleyes: you know all 4 inches lmao. Off course being the loving person I am I even knit it in the required Ohio colors. Go Bucks. Modeled by Ollie

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