Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A day with the Dinosaurs

We took a trip to Drumheller and the Royal Tyrell Museum there (hope I spelled those right I've lost the brochure lol). It was a blast!

These pictures show the various views off and from the biggest dinosaur in North America or something like that.

The Hoodoo's are really unique rock formations. I've never seen them anywhere else course that doesn't mean they aren't elsewhere :D I have to look but I have a similar picture of me and my siblings at the Hoodoo's when my parents took me.

The Suspension Bridge, I can remember getting half way out as a kid and my mom having to talk me through walking back I was so freaking scared. NOT MY KIDS lmao they were running and having a blast.
Royal Tyrell Museum

Class the kids took where they got to make a cast of a real fossil that the museum had it was really neat.

More Dino's
Giant Beaver, Ollie thought this was hilarious he wanted to know how big the trees used to be :D

Check out that pout!

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dahara said...

Holy cow! Those places are so cool - the dinosours, the rocks, the casting... wee bit jealous ;) And the kids looked like they were having an incredible time.

OH - LMAO at Ollie. Beavers=Trees. Big Beavers=Big Trees. Of course. LOL!